How Much Money Will You Need to Retire On?

Every day you wake up early in the morning and set out for work, sometimes you work 8 to 9 hours, 5 days in a week completing 40 to 45 hours in a week. You are either working as an employee or you are self employed.

My questions are,

1. What impact does your work create in the life you want to live?
2. What are your reasons for choosing the work you're doing now?
3. Do you want to continue to live from Pay-Check to Pay-Check?
4. How much Money do you need to retire on?
5. Are you really seeing your end from the beginning?

The above question must be answered by you, but before you start answering these questions, I need you to understand the facts below.

In a civilized society, no human can deny the fact that money is important, also, nothing can take the place of money in the area where it is needed.

No matter how much you feel money is not important, remember, money will buy your shelter, money will put a good food on your table, money gives you proper education and information, money runs the wheels of your career. Though money is not everything, but it needs to be earned and circulated.

Just a short story. A man worked in a financial institution for many years and could not manage his finances but traveled to many parts of the world and obtained a huge loan and built a mansion. He kept telling people that his house is his asset, but when he was due for retirement, he used his benefits to set off all the loans he obtained and was left only with the mansion he built and $ 5,000. His Children are in very expensive Schools, he needs to turn to some other business to keep life going, how much will be his investment capital if he decides on any business? This is the same with a lot of people today.

Start thinking of how much money you need to retire with.

You can tell what will become of this man in the next 5 years after his retirement.

The only way for you to retire with as much money as possible is by working on your financial intelligence.

That is what we call "FINANCIAL MASTERY."

The subject of money is one lesson you cannot learn from school, start training yourself NOW.

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